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A nontrivial percentage of men and women report being stalked in their lifetime, and many of these experiences were perpetrated by a current or former intimate partner. This study seeks to better understand the situational contexts of this social phenomenon among a high-risk population – college students – and explores how elements of the situational context of intimate partner stalking relate to police notification. Using data from college students attending 24 universities in the United States, logistic regression analyses are supplemented with conjunctive analyses of case configurations CACC , which allow for the construction of situational contexts of intimate partner stalking and a comparison of contexts that are and are not reported to the police. Logistic regression analyses revealed that multiple types of stalking victimization and interference with activities are related to an increased likelihood of police notification. CACC indicated that the relevance of interference with activities is dependent upon self-reporting that the victimization resulted in an intimidating environment. Furthermore, multiple types of stalking victimizations and co-occurring victimizations i. These relationships are driven by White, non-Hispanic women who live off-campus. Our dual analytical approach highlights the complementary use of traditional regression methods and CACC. These results provide insight for efforts to assist victims of intimate partner stalking in order to encourage police notification.

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Academic journal article College Student Journal. An effective studying strategy requires developed personalized study skills to increase student success and retention at the college level. Within these personalized study skills, different students have developed different study habits and environments study patterns.

Yet, the study patterns of people who have achieved outstanding academic success often show a well-designed pattern or schedule.

their Association with Alcohol Use Patterns Among College Students physical IPV, stalking, and cyber dating abuse (CDA), are associated.

Dating today differs greatly compared to dating say sixty or even eighty years ago. Dating trends today, such as cohabitation, would be considered insanity or chaos if these patterns were displayed in the s. Today the majority of persons who date are seeking the outcome of a marriage although research does not agree with this. Eighty years ago, people dated for fun, pleasure, and recreation Schwartz , and only popular people dated Waller , dating was a rarity, and limited to people in their late teen years or early adulthood.

However, today it is quite different from eighty years ago with respect to the purpose of dating, and trends. Dating starts at earlier ages such as 13, and everyone dates, regardless of social standings.

Variation in Study Patterns among College Students: A Review of Literature

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Much of the available information is out-of-date, particularly given the rapid changes in College students may have different patterns of use than the general.

What is this page? Victoria Ameral, Kathleen M. Palm Reed, Denise A. Despite the negative outcomes associated with sexual assault SA , dating violence DV , and stalking victimization, many victims, particularly college students, do not seek help for these crimes. To date, the majority of help-seeking research has focused on one form of victimization, despite substantial evidence that many victims experience more than one form of interpersonal violence.

In addition to consideration of such polyvictims, intervention efforts to increase help-seeking to improve victim outcomes may benefit from a clearer understanding of overlapping predictors of help-seeking across victimization types. Using the health belief model HBM as a guiding framework, the current study examined predictors of help-seeking for SA, DV, and stalking in a college student sample.

Data were collected via a multiyear anonymous email survey of general health and well-being. Demographic predictors of help-seeking and severity indicators informed by the HBM were evaluated across violence types. In addition to replicating previous work, results provided support for the HBM, such that a number of severity indicators, particularly those representing overlap across victimization types, predicted help-seeking at the multivariate level.

Dating attitudes and expectations among young Chinese adults: an examination of gender differences

Marly C. Neves 2. Renata C.

Speed dating patterns among college students on dates, including the. Past studies in princeton studies of reasons, games, methodology.

Energy drinks EDs are popular beverages with young people, particularly in the UK. There is an emerging evidence base on the negative health impacts in children and adolescents, largely relating to the high caffeine and sugar contents of these drinks. However, no studies have been conducted to date focusing on university students in the UK. The purpose of this study was to investigate factors underpinning ED consumption, as well as health effects reported by students.

An online survey was conducted with a non-representative sample of students from the five universities in the North East of England. This included questions on ED consumption, perceived stress item PSS , general health status, personal wellbeing ONS4 , lifestyle and use of other substances such as alcohol. Responses were analysed using SPSS. Of these ED consumers, No associations were found between ED consumption and perceived stress or wellbeing, but an inverse U-shaped association was observed with self-reported health i.

Drinking patterns and dating violence among college students.

Include Synonyms Include Dead terms. Peer reviewed Direct link. An effective studying strategy requires developed personalized study skills to increase student success and retention at the college level.

Sleep patterns in college students: Gender and grade differences. March The grid included dates (listed as rows in the first. column).

Students are spending more time at school and being surrounded by members of their age groups. A peer society developed as youth created their own culture and enforced peer pressure for American youth. The peer society was especially noticeable on college campuses around the United States. On campuses, students made connections beyond the classroom. For example, exercise is a choice for anyone, but for those that experienced heart attacks it may be used as a necessary component of a healthy lifestyle.

Thus the theory of planned behavior can be used to understand the need to exercise among those who have experienced heart attacks Ajzen,

Dating Patterns among College students

By Heather Fishel. College dating follows a completely different set of rules than any other dating scene. But the dating habits of college students can be cracked and tracked. Here are seven stats that might surprise you about the unpredictable dating scene. College students prefer short-term, casual relationships over long-term relationships because it allows them to focus on their academic and career goals.

This cross-sectional study was conducted among college-going students in are needed among younger people to follow fixed eating patterns and avoid date after seeking permission from the Heads of each of the selected colleges.

This study examines physical activity PA patterns in the context of global leisure activity of undergraduate students in a large Midwest state university. Descriptive statistics and nonparametric correlation analyses were used to examine the relationship between five leisure and physical activities and four independent factors. Skewness and kurtosis values ranged from. All values were within the cut-off value of 2.

The highest mean value indicated that the majority The data from the study suggest more effective interventions should be implemented to promote PA among university students. It is hard to imagine life without the wide variety of multimedia devices that have become so commonplace over the last few decades. This technology has become essential in almost every educational, business, community, and recreational environment. Access to electronic information and communication technology is widely available to both high school and college-aged youth students, and mastering elevant information technology is one key to success in adult life.

Unfortunately, this new technology phenomenon may be having a negative impact on physical activity patterns in an increasingly sedentary population Lack of physical activity continues to contribute to the high prevalence of overweight individuals and obesity within the United States. Obesity and lack of physical activity PA have been linked to numerous medical complications and cognitive decline

Patterns in physical activity among college students based on gender

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